Some who really admire essay writing will always want to improve. It is quite common for students to stress over writing a good essays. Therefore start revise and polish your work so that you can upgrade your grade from a B or C to an A+. You need to ensure the right set of skills to express your ideas such as choice of words, grammar, overall flow and etc. Start doing all these tips below from today to improve your writing skills, capabilities as well as its effectiveness and consequently improve the effectiveness of your communication too:

  1. Read other people’s essay
  • This is one of the best, immediate effect of improving your writing skills. You will get allot of ideas if you are reading other people’s essay. Reading other people’s essay will make sure that you perceived a different ideas of looking at how things are expressed. You can develop and joint the ideas that you derived from other people’s essay to your own-essay writing style. Google through the best essays written, also read through your peers’ essays who scored well in essay writing. The wider you read, the more possible techniques are there for you to pick up and use in essays of your own.
  • While you reading please ensure that you are not just reading it blindly. Be more active in analysing what you have read. Ask questions based on the essay- what do you like about this essay? What are the techniques that the author used that you don’t have? Are the points adequately supported with evidence? You just have to be more critical in analysing other people’s essay, so that you can learn from it.

2. Read along the way

  • Read and write read and write. It means you go back to your previous sentence and while reading and correcting your sentences, you will even generate ideas on what to write next. Great writing never happens on the first draft. When you read back your first draft you know how much flaws are there still and you could improve it still.

3. Plan your writing

  • You probably are bored of hearing this piece of advice but it is important to know what you want to say before writing. It is very essential to draft out whatever points from your brain either on a paper or your personal computer. This will ensure you will be covering most of the ideas from your head and you can rearrange your idea accordingly. From there you can easily start your writing with better flows and arrangement of vocabularies.

4. Simplify

  • Bombastic words are often hollow. Correct grammar, right sequence, reasonable facts and paragraphing is what makes the essay sound good. Some students might have the understanding that when they use all those bombastic words will make their essay be outstanding too. Certainly that is not how it works, but the ability to convey your thoughts and meanings effectively in a coherent manner is the main focus. Sometimes even the simplest sentence can deliver the most powerful blow and deepest impact and that is the beauty of language. Therefore omit unnecessary words.

5. Be specific

  • Don’t simply state an example for a particular fact that is too general. For example I love meeting people from different groups. Instead of just mentioning the surface be more specific to stand on your point. What group of people? What is you gain from that different group of people you mentioned? Seal the deal by directly stating why this example is relevant.

6. Powerful conclusion

  • Having done the overall essay the final part and the final sentence in your essay should be a ‘global statement’ that gives an impact and sign to the reader that it has come to an end. This is the last chance for you to convince the reader on the subject that you have written.
  • Most of the time, students tend to use the same key words that they used in introduction part in the conclusion. It is merely because conclusion most of the time tend to become the second introduction because it does contain many of the same features. Try not to copy word by word, rephrase your introduction part to reflect your skill as a writer by being artful.