Every teacher who are passionate with their career would definitely desire to be the most favoured or famous teacher among their students. Getting your students to actually like you and respect you as a teacher can reap incredible benefits in the classroom. Your students will actually want to learn from you, and they will treat you as a role model, following the advice you give on any number of topics. Any teacher would feel they have achieved big if the students love his or her class. If a teacher finds a way to engage his or her students in an interesting yet informative manner then all of this teacher’s students will certainly develop a thirst for learning and acquiring knowledge. Below are the tips on how to tackle and attract your students and at the same time you will turn out to love your teaching career more! If you follow the tips below here I can guarantee you that you can have the completely different classroom experience and environment.

  1. Have a unique personality
  • If you are new, create a character that students can identify you at. Either you are strict, funny, kind and ensure that you maintain the same character till the end. BUT despite of all this character the major thing is you are not unjust, or act like you are better than students because it will be difficult for them respect if you are showing your arrogance. Be comfortable with the unknown

2. Ask your students

  • The best is to discuss with your students on their preferences. Remain approachable with your students and discuss on your students’ opinion. Communication can makes all the difference. Encourage even negative comments about you and perceive that as learning point for yourself.

3. Take time to explore new tools and be updated

  • Nowadays students are very much updated with technology related information. Students will be amazed and respect you more if you include all sorts of latest technology related elements in the class. Create a ‘whatsapp’ group among your students to update each other. This ‘whatsap’ group also can be the medium for you to share any latest information with your students, it can even be the latest song. They will be very excited and at the same time will definitely won’t be missing any of your class.

4. Be master of your own subject

  • It puts you in a position in the eye of student. Devote yourself entirely to master the subject that you are teaching. When you enter the class prepared, it will show you’re your love for the subject and you could share the knowledge and experiences involved better.

5. Bring ‘fun’ into the classroom

  • Using fun can ensure the most ‘mundane’ topics also to be interesting. It is okay to make a joke or two to keep class morale high, to keep the students awake, and to encourage attentiveness.

6. Be passionate

  • Stay interested and passionate in teaching. Your positive energy will definitely will be absorbed by your fellow students. Also students can easily identify which teachers want to be there and which teachers aren’t invested in their classes. Passion can be contagious because if you are genuinely excited about your subject, the student will feed off your energy too. At the same time, no matter how much a student struggles with a certain subject, don’t give up on him.