How to Motivate Your Children (For Parents)

  1. Speak to your children. Sit down and discuss your children’s’ classes and teachers to gather information. This will help you to gauge their level of motivation.
  • Have a conversation at the kitchen table while eating a snack to make the discussion more informal.
  • Ask about recent school projects or partner work.
  • Find out what the teacher is like and how much he or she interacts with your child.
  • Determine if your child is having any behavior issues.
  1. Reward good grades and effort. Be sure to recognize their success to show them you are proud of them. This will also encourage the positive behavior to continue.
  • Create a chart to document acquisition of good grades.
  • Make a separate chart for hard work, effort, and behavior.
  1. Review assignments. Make sure to check if your child has homework each and every day. Take a look at their assignment notebook to see if they wrote down coursework or test dates.

4. Revisit difficult concepts. If you notice your child didn’t score so well on an assessment, review the incorrect questions and explain the right answers.

5. Provide assistance. Perhaps your child needs a little assistance and encouragement to increase their motivation. Try working with your child to complete assignments or prepare for an assessment.

6. Consider tutors. If you notice that your child is not unmotivated but struggling with particular concepts, set them up with a tutor.

  • Ask your child what they can recall about the concepts to determine their retention.
  • Discern whether your child is unmotivated or just discouraged. These are very different and you must determine what you are dealing with to tackle the problem.