Your big final examinations are here! Are you ready? Better eat some raisins to help those brain of yours to remember easily. You know why? People always forget things easily during their nervous moments. Final examinations are one of those moments. These crucial moment does not only affects yours, but your parents too. You don’t know how nervous they are for you when these important examinations are here for you. It’s pretty normal if they keep on asking you lots and lots of questions within the year, the months, the weeks, and even the days! You better keep on some notes because they are actually really useful. Forget to bring your identity card on the first day? Oh wait, your mom told you to bring them every time you guys have family dinners, yet you still didn’t bring them. Yup, better make notes every time your parent does those “talks”. It may stings your ears, but it actually really helpful. We have some tips or you could say reminders during these examinations weeks.

  1. Pens and Pencils

Most of your exams requires pens and pencils. Don’t. Ever. Forget. These. If you don’t bring these then what are you going to write? Even for you to write your name, pencil is needed. And NO, don’t rely in your friends. They brought their pencil for them not for you. Yes, we’re still blaming you since you did not bring pencils or pens during these important moments. Pretty sure, your parents did remind you right?

  1. Spares!

Bring everything extra! Don’t bring one pen and one pencil. Bring more! At least you have spares for everything! These big final examinations take like what? 2 – 3 weeks? So you sure your stationary won’t go missing during those weeks? Don’t be so sure! Just bring more. We understand, when you’re nervous everything suddenly goes missing, even you school shoes. Yes, it does happen.

  1. Instructions

Each and every examination have instructions. Read. Them. Yes we know it’s pretty long. Read them. From it you know what to do and what not to do. Example, they put 6 questions, and the instructions asked you to do only 3 questions. Yet, you did all 6 of the questions. Because you did not read the instructions! See how important the instruction is? Oh and don’t waste too much time reading the instructions.

  1. Sleep

Sleep is important. Too important. You’ll go blank during your finals if you don’t get enough sleep. Nobody wants to go blank during finals. One of the worst nightmare a student could get! At least get 8 hours of sleep. Don’t study too hard and wasted your sleep by studying. Energy is needed when you going to answer your examinations.

  1. Go Straight Home After The Exam

Don’t waste your time by “lepak’-ing after exams. Go straight home and take a rest. You could spend those time by studying or just let your mind rest. Your brain needed those rest after those long hours of brainstorming. Anything could happen whenever you’re outside from your home. Then don’t risk it.

There you go! Some tips or reminders for you to use when you’re facing your final examinations. Good luck and all the best for those of you who are sitting for your final examinations.