The Year Is About To End. Teachers! You Can Try This!

The year is ending too quickly. So does schools. The students surely are excited for their long holidays. So does their teachers! Well working without involving student can sure do make some of the teachers happy, right? Some of them might actually be teaching because the fun of teaching with the students. Quite rare to see that nowadays, with how the economy is, but it can sure does make a good example to other teachers out there. Most teachers these days get frustrated a lot and get less fun with all the non-teaching system that they implementing it now. Where does all the fun goes? This is not how they wanted teachers to do. What do teacher do to get all jumpy and excited? They could add up a little bit of fun to their teachings. With the year is ending, there are tons of interesting thing you as a teacher can do before the school ends. Here are some exciting things you can do to spice things up.

1. Bring your student outside school

Most teacher get so inactive whenever the school year about to end. Let’s change that shall we? Bring out your student out more! There’s a bunch of great places where you can let your student to experience. Zoo Negara, Petrosains, Bukit Cerakah and other kinds of places! These activity can actually make a difference to a student’s life or their perception on life outside school. Don’t tell me you never experienced this during your time as a kid? It’s fun isn’t it? Once in awhile, it can’t be that bad right? Try it!

2. Play a prank on a colleague

Just a small cute little prank to your colleague can sure do spice things up in that stressful teachers room right? Surround their table with yellow sticky notes sure do makes them mad, but hey! It’s funny! and oh, it’s not even their birthday that day? Just bought them a cake and sing them a song just to embarrass them does not do harm at all but it’s cute! It sure do make their day bright a little.

3. Let your student evaluate you informally

It always you’re the one who evaluate your student, this time why not let them evaluate you. Not formally, but informally. Still in the state where student needed to respect, but hey loose things up a bit! It’s a bit risky but it’s fun to try. We’ll know what could we improve on ourselves and we can understand how our student feel about us. The student would feel close with us and feel comfortable to trust us.

4. Gives little inspiring notes to your student

Who doesn’t love cute littles notes with original hand writing? With a “Have a good day!” note can make someone smile. Try this with your student! It shows how care of us to them, most teacher won’t do this, some might say it is unnecessary but it’s worth the try. Those “Do you own work” everytime you go to a class can change with this.

5. Dress to kill once in a while

This time it’s not gonna be related with student. It’s your time now. You’ve been eagerly wanted to try this dress,shirt or baju kurung to go to school but afraid other teacher will freak out? Hide no more! Just wear them like you really own it! The year is about to end already, why not you freak them out once in a while? Sounds fun right? Try it!