Preparations For Exams!

Answer sheet

Exams! Exams! Exams! Even life is also considered as exams! Either we’re going to hell or heaven. Look how big deal exams is! These exams are important whether to test us where we will be heading in our future. Here in Malaysia, primary student ages around 7-17 years old have compulsory exam which consists UPSR, PT3 and SPM. This is not only focusing on the student’s performance, but also looking at how effective it is Malaysian educators is to the world. It’s normal for student to feel nervous for exams. It can be seen as one of the human nature. So you studied real hard for this paper? No need to feel nervous? Bleh. Of course you will feel nervous! Unless there this little birdie told you what will the question will be then that’s considered as you’re cheating, but hey! Back away from that birdie! Not a good influence for you to face exams. Sincere is the key to every blessing life. Therefore, next time you’re doing something, remember to be sincere! Basically in every exams, the preparation is needed for every student. All of the student thought of studying non-stop is the best way to prepare. Not really, there are better ways for you to prepare which is these are some of it…

1. Give yourself enough time to study

Don’t stress out! Make a time schedule. When will you start be studying, when will you go eat, and other else. Make sure you have time for yourself instead of looking through your books 24/7. That’s not how it goes. People actually died from excessive studying and you better not be one of them. Plus, don’t ever try to study last minute. Your brain will weaken easily since it is very tired with you not taking a rest.

2.Organize your study space

Depends if you like it messy or you like it tidy. Make sure you have your desired space every time you’re studying. You like to spread your papers or books? There’s an area for your foods? Oh pillows! Organize your space well while studying since you will be spending a whole lot of time there. Some people like studying in crowded places, go to a coffee shop! The lake sounds fun with publics around you, yeah sure why not bring along your books there!

3. Practice on old exams

Old exams are those old questions which your senior, your great senior, your great great senior uses during their time in those late years. Which is very useful! Most educators tend to re-do again questions, just to test whether do their student really do some research? or they just like to ease up their time making new questions. It super useful where you can estimate time on answering the questions.

4. Explain your answer to others

Parents, siblings, cousins and your friends! Anyone around you can be a help for you so you can explain your answer to them. It is one of the ways to remember things easily. Like when you gossip, you tend to remember the exact word that they’re saying. Why not try telling your answer in a gossip way to your friend or whoever around you, trust me. It really does help. Just try to focus on the answers rather than gossipping.

5. Organize study groups with friends

This is also depends on people. Some likes to study alone, some likes to shares information, that way they remember things easily.Organizing study groups with friend is actually really effective for getting information easily, with friends with more knowledge than us, or us giving them a bit of what we knew there we could create communication with each other. As long as everyone in the group are all focus in what is the main point there, everything will be easily done by it.