Top 6 Ways to Increase Your Students’ Interest in a Subject

  1. Make them see it as part of their daily life

Try as hard as you can to find a way to relate the subject to their daily lives. It will make it much more likely for them to be invested in what you are explaining. For example, if the subject is literature, try to show what they can learn from the characters’ behaviour that they can apply to their own lives.

  1. Make it fun

Yes, sometimes, some subjects are just not fun. You are well aware of it, but you still have to teach this “boring” subject to them. How about making the learning process a bit more fun? You can try to create some kind of competition, or game, that can help them to learn, or maybe even use songs or videos. Sometimes, even a funny cartoon can be what you need to make them have a laugh and never forget the subject.

  1. Let them participate in the whole process

If you want to see your students really engaged about something, let them participate. And not only after you distribute the tasks but from the very beginning. Ask them for input on the subject that will be presented, which resources will be used and how they will be evaluated. And talking of resources.

  1. Change the environment

Sitting in a classroom for a whole day is hardly anyone’s ideal day, especially if you are young and full of energy. So why not move the class to a different environment and see how it affects their learning process? Try taking them to museums, beaches, for a nature walk, or even to the school’s backyard. Even the fresh air on their face might help to keep them alert and more interested.

  1. Make it achievable

If you scare them by saying that this is a very complex subject and that they will be in trouble if they don’t manage to learn it, you are bound to fail. Students usually overreact under pressure and don’t see these messages as a challenge at all. Try to take steps that help them feel they are capable of learning the material.

  1. Understand their interests

And in order to make any of the tips above work, it is mandatory that you know your students’ interests. If you know about their hobbies and goals, you may be able to better relate the subject to their lives.